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The People’s Science is the 501(c)3 educational nonprofit behind The Field. We aim to improve the relationship between science, society, and the individual. The March for Science is an unprecedented demonstration of the importance of this relationship, and we believe that its strength will only grow in the future. While we do not take or endorse specific legislative stances, we believe that sharing our tools and resources with those who support evidence-based policy is a powerful opportunity for collective impact.

This is why we #MarchforScience:

1) We believe in community and bringing people together.
Science will be stronger as more scientists, advocates, and educators across backgrounds and perspectives band together. We need a unified coalition both providing tools to our supporters and opportunities for engagement to those who have not yet realized just how much they love science.

2) We believe in collaboration.
With March for Science as a partner, we are part of a growing network of mission-aligned organizations that can benefit from the shared wisdom of the group and its advisors. We build tools, campaigns, and learning experiences that are just one piece of the puzzle. By pooling these resources and openly sharing with other groups that offer complementary strengths, we can be part of a coordinated force for accessible evidence and improvements to science in society.

3) We believe education is the heart of informed citizenship.
March for Science brought together over 600 satellites from around the globe to stand up for equitable evidence-based policy. We know that for long term change, there need to be systems in place that address the underlying mechanisms that led to the need to defend science. To us, this is education, access to information, tools for reflection, and information literacy skill building. We don’t do what we do because we thing everything is already perfect. We do what we do because we have a vision of how society could be better – and thought our strategies may differ – we believe we share this vision with the March for Science.

As it becomes increasingly important to hear the voices of scientists, as well as the voices of the public, we want to provide the platform that makes it easier for everyone to do their part.

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