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Life Sciences teach us about living organisms, from the tiny – like bacteria – to the massive – like blue whales. What can we learn about these organisms to better understand evolutionary processes, satiate our curiosities, and protect Earth’s biosphere? Although a combination of Earth & Life Sciences, we also include the study of life that once was, such as dinosaurs and prehistoric man.


environmental studies | plant biology | paleontology | zoology | botany | marine biology ecology | bioethics

Study finds RNA function for junk DNA

Half of the DNA in our cells is derived from repetitive sequences called transposable elements (TEs) that have taken on a life of their own. The defining characteristic of a TE is the ability to copy itself to another place in the DNA, and they have been wildly successful at doing so. Most of the […]

Wild monkeys sign up to the maxim “When in Rome …”

“When in Rome, do as the Romans do” runs the familiar advice. When you visit a different culture you are going to fit in with the locals quicker if you are ready to adopt their habits, however different those may be from how you carried on back home. Our new research on wild vervet monkeys […]