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Learning the regulatory code of the human genome

The human genome comprises 3 billion nucleotides of information that outline how to construct and continue to live as a human. ~2% of those nucleotides code for proteins, which perform the bulk of the work to be done in the cell. The remaining 98% contains instructions for where and when to turn those proteins on […]

Software for genome wrangling

Describe your research and the big picture problem or puzzle it addresses. You probably hear about “new” genomes being sequenced all the time now. The DNA sequences of so many species have become available lately, it’s hard to keep up. And traditional publication methods don’t really help you to explore all that sequence information. What […]

Using Twitter data to visualize sentiment in NYC

Imagine having your finger on the pulse of an entire city, in real time. To see its heartbeat — changes in people opinions and moods — as a cascade of color, sweeping over the terrain. By creating an algorithm that figures out if a tweet is generally positive or negative, we were able to overlay […]

How to ‘stress’ preschool aged children in a laboratory setting

Describe your research and the big picture problem or puzzle it addresses. Standardized laboratory paradigms that reliably ‘stress’ young children are few and far between. Effective ‘stressors’ are needed to study the effects of acute stress on children’s emotional and behavioural regulation as well as to index the functioning of children’s biological stress regulatory systems. […]

Posttraumatic Stress Disorder in World Trade Center Responders

Describe your research and the big picture problem or puzzle it addresses. While many 9/11 World Trade Center First responders developed posttraumatic stress disorder, or PTSD, the way that the symptoms presented differs across individuals. For example, some first responders had many of the classic symptoms of PTSD (e.g., hyperarousal, nightmares, depressed mood, and avoidance), […]

Do personalized Text Messages Help Smokers Quit?

Changing habits and behaviors is hard. We can all think of a time that we set a goal – cutting down on sweets, for example – and didn’t stick with it despite our best intentions. Quitting smoking is such a goal for many people. Specialized quitting programs can increase success, but those programs are not […]

Social Transfer of Pain in Mice

  This manuscript characterizes the first model of socially transferred pain in which mice housed in the same room as mice subjected to inflammatory- or drug withdrawal-induced pain develop congruent hyperalgesia. This pain is communicated via olfactory cues. This model provides 3 For the pain field, we show that pain can be induced solely by […]

Parenting an Early Adolescent: a Pilot Study Examining Neural and Relationship Quality Changes of a Mindfulness Intervention

Relationship between parents and their adolescent children are notoriously rocky, but research shows that a warm, caring parent-child bond can protect kids from problems during adolescence such as substance abuse, depression, and delinquency. That’s why it’s important to understand how parents can strengthen their relationships with their teenage kids. In this research, we studied whether […]

A very fast solar eruption with an unusual impact at Earth: Our look at the 2005 January 20-21 event.

Ward Manchester IV, Janet Kozyra, Sue Lepri, University of Michigan and Benoit Lavraud, Universite de Toulouse   The Earth is connected to the Sun through the sunlight that heats our planet, but also through plasmas (electrically charged gas) and magnetic fields that blow out from the solar corona both in steady streams as in the solar wind and in explosions […]