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Self-control as value-based choice

The usual way that laypeople and researchers alike think about self-control is as a battle between “hot” impulsive forces, such as craving, and “cold” calculating ones, such as a distant goal to be healthy. But research has not consistently supported that hot-cold dichotomy. For example, the hot and cold processes are not always opposed to one another during self-control, […]

Meditation reduces pain, and blocking opioid receptors makes that effect even stronger!

Describe your research and the big picture problem or puzzle it addresses. Over the last 10 years, a series of well-designed laboratory studies using pain induction and healthy meditation practitioners have shown that meditation can be helpful for dealing with pain. When meditators are given the same kind of stimulation and pain is compared before vs. […]

“Social pain?” Not in the brain

Describe your research and the big picture problem or puzzle it addresses. Rejection stings, right? The social pain hypothesis says that same biology for processing social exclusion also handles physical pain. Some evidence for this comes from fMRI studies of social exclusion finding that brain regions involved in social exclusion overlap with the regions that […]

Social Transfer of Pain in Mice

  This manuscript characterizes the first model of socially transferred pain in which mice housed in the same room as mice subjected to inflammatory- or drug withdrawal-induced pain develop congruent hyperalgesia. This pain is communicated via olfactory cues. This model provides 3 For the pain field, we show that pain can be induced solely by […]