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The People's Science - Forum


Scientists and the public vitally depend on each other.  Just as the scientific breakthroughs made 30 years ago shape our lives now, the progress being made all around us today will shape all of our futures.  In the same vein, this progress depends on public support of scientific endeavors.  And yet, most of what the public knows about ongoing science comes to us indirectly, from press offices or journalists.  Although these descriptions can be very good, scientists rarely have opportunities to meet non-scientists directly and engage in open conversation about their work.  Worse, scientists and non-scientists face a growing cultural gap that is bad for all of us.  The People’s Science is designed to reduce this gap, through a centralized, interactive forum meant to host just such a conversation. 

Scientists of all stripes are invited to post short “pop abstracts,” or accessible descriptions of their peer-reviewed empirical projects.  Readers of all stripes are invited to read about this work and engage in conversations with scientists and each other about the work and its implications for medicine, policy, technology, and our lives.  It is my hope that this forum can provide a common space for unfiltered conversation and the recognition that science belongs to all of us. 

The People's Science

Jamil Zaki, Ph.D.
Founder, The People’s Science