• A 2-D ‘map’ of the similarity between brain activity patterns elicited when thinking about different famous people. Closer people elicit more similar neural patterns in participants. Like maps of Earth, this […]

  • A network diagram with arrows between mental states indicating which transitions are viewed as likely (>75%) by participants. Arrowheads indicate the direction(s) of transition between states. The size of each […]

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  • Saccharomyces cerevisiae, the ‘sugar mold,’ is used to convert sugar to alcohol in wine and beer fermentation.
    In the wine business, it is a common refrain that “the wine is made in the vineyard.” This is meant […]

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  • What does it mean to us when we perceive someone to be happy, angry, or sad? How do we compare the mental states of planning and exhaustion, or pity and fury? Fundamentally, what are the principles we use to make […]