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The People’s Science is all about making connections. Make a “Regular User” account here, and fill out as much as you can. Show a little personality in your “Overview” and your profile picture. Help other users get to know who you are and what you are interested in learning.





There are so many research topics to explore on The People’s Science! Jump in by browsing briefs sorted by research area or check out a list of the most recently posted briefs. We also choose select briefs to be featured on the home page so there is always something new for you to learn.


Ambassadors on The People’s Science hope to pique your curiosity with curated content. Our curated science summarizes what we know about a ‘big picture’ question based on the current scientific evidence. Best of all? Our curators helpfully gather and explain the evidence for you!



The People’s Science isn’t just for you keep track of research that interests you – it’s for connecting with the researchers themselves, too! Follow scientists and research groups whose work interests you. Ask questions and leave comments on research briefs. You can share posts with others easily through email or social networking platforms, but we encourage you to get your friends to join you in The People’s Science!




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There are a number of different ways that users can engage with each other in The People’s Science. Our built-in functionality makes it easy for you to follow researchers whose work interests you, keep track of your favorite posts, and strike up a conversation with others about research briefs.

Research Briefs

Research briefs are short summaries of peer-reviewed publications that have been written by the original author or authors for The People’s Science. You can find research briefs on the home page, the ‘Explore’ tab on the main menu, or by using the search bar on any page of the site. Collections of research briefs that relate to the same scientific question are put together in  Curated Science.

Commenting, Following, and Favoriting

There are a number of ways that you can keep track of your favorite research and scientists in The People’s Science.

Commenting: Join the conversation by adding or replying to comments on posted briefs. Scroll down below posts to add your thoughts! You’ll receive notifications whenever someone responds to your comment. You can see these notifications in your profile.

Following: The authors (and any associated research groups) are listed at the top of every brief. The names of the authors link to their profile pages. From there, you can click on the ‘Follow’ button underneath their profile picture to follow them. If you know the name of a researcher or group that you would like to follow, you can search for their accounts using any search bar on the site. The activity of researchers and groups that you follow will then appear on your profile feed.

Favoriting: You will be able to favorite any event that appears in your profile feed. These events include new updates, blog posts, or research briefs that are posted by researchers or groups that you are following. Once you favorite an event you will have easy access to it by clicking on the ‘Favorites’ submenu item on your profile feed.

Keep track of your favorite items with one click.
View all of your favorites from your profile.

Your Profile and Feed

Your profile page is your main hub for all of the research you follow and favorite. It is where you let other users know who you are, and where you can keep up with the activity of your favorite researchers and groups. Here’s a rundown of everything you can do from your profile page: