science gives society a direction. society gives science a purpose.


The People’s Science is a 501(c)3 nonprofit that aims to cultivate a healthy, reflective, and informed citizenship by filling in the gaps of the current educational system. We develop creative and practical STEM/STEAM engagement opportunities, facilitate digital, media, scientific, and psychological (21st century) literacy skills, and promote diversity & empowerment across fields.

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The problem is not a lack of good content, a lack of good science, or a lack of curious, well-intended people. It’s the spaces in between that need work. Because of this, our focus is on infrastructure, skill-building, and creative strategies that prepare society to make the most of the evidence and technologies we have.

To this end, our work focuses on the following three domains:


A quick Google search of “information literacy” will show countless resources related to navigating libraries. In the digital age, the world is a library, so we are building tools that help people effectively navigate it. We focus on:

Digital & Media Literacy

Scientific Literacy

Self & Bias Education


We focus on STEM concepts that are highly relevant to personal, professional, or political decision making. We aim to shift the culture of science by designing creative and interdisciplinary learning opportunities. By leveraging the incredible powers of art, music, educational technology, and experiential learning, we work to engage diverse learners and communities.


Started by researchers and educators, we take an empirically informed approach to our initiatives. Our models are highly driven by past work in relevant fields. Our research questions center on conceptual change, educational technology, and public engagement with STEM fields. We are also committed to evaluating our efforts, sharing our results, and iterating regularly.